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Air Charter Industry Intelligence and Marketing Services

FlightList PRO is the world’s largest and only full air charter market sourcing platform for charter professionals. Leading air charter brokers and travel professionals use FlightList PRO’s full-market resources, economical rates and marketing opportunities to grow their service level, their business and their bottom line.

The Most Extensive Air Charter Resource in the Industry

Air Charter Broker Directory

Free Charter Broker Directory for private jet fliers. The largest listing of charter brokers for the U.S., Europe and worldwide. A free resource with charter broker details, ratings, accreditations, specialties and more. View the Air Charter Broker Directory for yourself.

Professional Aircraft Sourcing Platform

The world’s largest and only full-charter-market sourcing platform for air charter professionals to maximize your service level and success. Fast, easy, economical and 100% complete. Just $90/month, 3 users, no contract. You can request a free trial on FlightListPRO.com. API’s available.

The platform is a favorite of the most successful charter brokers; 80% of users have arranged charter for more than 10 years, and a full 1/4 of users have arranged charters for more than 20 years! These top brokers use the search platform more than 240 times daily.

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Charter Brokers Employing FlightList PRO Have More Aircraft & Pricing Options

FlightList PRO includes all 7,598 charter aircraft in North America (including 3,013 jets) and 16,631 aircraft worldwide.

Meanwhile, most sourcing platforms do not report numbers of aircraft they have available. The oldest charter platform reports having 2,034 aircraft in their marketplace system in North America, and only 3,200 worldwide.

The marketplace reports having 815 operators worldwide. FlightList PRO has 1,633 in the U.S., 699 in Europe, and 3,419 worldwide.

Charter ResourcesFlightList PROCharter Marketplace
Aircraft, Worldwide16,6313,200
Aircraft, North America7,5982,034
Jets, North America3,013not reported
Operators, Worldwide3,419815
Operators, U.S.1,633not reported
Operators, Europe699not reported
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