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Commercial vs. Private Flying: Efficiency

Private business aviation has a reputation for serving the rich or super famous, but the vast majority of those who fly private are hardworking professionals in corporate America. From CEOs to low-level managers, business people are finding that commercial airlines don’t meet their needs as well as charter flights. In this article, we’d like to help you think through if business aviation is right for you and your team.

Getting from A to B

If you need to get from one place to another then flying is a good way to make the trip quickly and safely. According to the National Business Aviation Association, commercial airlines service nearly 500 airports. These major airports easily meet most people’s needs, but sometimes you need something more.

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If you are flying your team to a remote retreat, to a rural trade show or an overbooked convention, you may need to fly into a smaller airport that isn’t serviced by commercial airlines. Business aircraft can reach about 5,000 airports and can offer you far more flexibility in your destination choices. Sometimes getting from A to B isn’t enough: sometimes you need to get from A to Z and everything in-between.

Avoiding Slowdown

No one likes being stuck in line. If you and your team want to make the most of your time, you’ll avoid lines as much as possible; you may even pay more to skip the queue. You’ve probably seen people skip the line with TSA PreCheck or with frequent flier programs. With very little investment ($85 for a five-year membership), TSA PreCheck can help you avoid slow and tedious security checks and get you to your gate quickly. From there frequent flier programs can often help you board your commercial airliner a bit earlier, but this has no effect on how soon you are up in the air nor how quickly your baggage is processed. It’s always a relief to land at your destination, but often that relief turns to annoyance as you have to navigate baggage claim for your belongings.

With private jet charters, you can expect the whole process to be smoother and faster than flying commercial. Security delays are almost nonexistent when flying private, and since you and your team are the aircraft’s only passengers, boarding and loading are considerably faster than you may be used to. Often if you arrive a little early, your flight may be able to depart earlier. Not to mention, taxiing delays are rarer and often less prolonged for smaller aircraft and at smaller airports. Typically, private jets have enough range to avoid stopping for fuel on long flights, eliminating stops and layovers for you and your team (though this will vary from route to route and from plane to plane).

Prioritizing Safety and Privacy

Statistically speaking flying is safer than driving, and it makes sense. There are hundreds of millions of licensed drivers in the US, each with relatively little training and less vetting, whereas the FAA reported less than 470 thousand pilots in 2020, all of which are held to a much stricter standard of training and of health in order to fly. That being said, on an airline, you may be at greater risk of contracting airborne diseases like COVID-19 as you are in an enclosed space and possibly with many people.

Private aviation has the same safety advantages of flying commercial, but with a few added benefits. If you charter a private flight, then you and your team are able to avoid most contact outside of your organization. This dramatically reduces the likelihood of contracting coronavirus or even the likelihood of a forced period of quarantine after accidental exposure.

One of the best features of private aviation is privacy! A charter flight can offer you comfort and control as you know that your flight will not be overbooked, nor will there be any rowdy passengers (besides those who you bring with you). You can also have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your team can speak freely about confidential information that may be vital to their work. You know exactly who will be sitting beside you, so you can work in peace or just relax and enjoy the flight.

Infographic courtesy of No Plane No Gain
“Which is right for my team?”

Only you know what is right for your own unique needs, but we do believe that private charter can offer your company an unmatched value. If you do choose to fly private, think of New Flight Charter. We’d love to help find you and your team the best possible solution to meet your needs.

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