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Aircraft Highlight: Learjet 35A

New Flight Charters frequently highlights some of the most popular private charter aircraft in the industry, helping anyone interested in private jet travel become better acquainted with the aircraft available for business or leisure travel. These highlights cover features like aircraft size, speed, range, and passenger and baggage capacity. Combined with quality photos, they can help you decide whether the featured aircraft is the right choice for your trip. Interested in learning more about private charter aircraft? You can view all aircraft categories – with helpful descriptions – on New Flight Charters’ aircraft selection page.

This week’s aircraft highlight features the Learjet 35A:

  • ✈︎ Light jet
  • ✈︎ Carries 7 passengers
  • ✈︎ 40 cubic ft. baggage capacity
  • ✈︎ Max speed 470 knots
  • ✈︎ Max range 2125 nautical miles before refueling
  • ✈︎ 46 currently available for charter in the US according to FlightList PRO

Produced in 1976, the Learjet 35A was a continuation of Bombardier’s efforts to create jets with longer range and faster cruise speeds. The 35As were primarily intended for military use and there are still 56 in the Air Force and National Guard today. It has significant range compared to others in its class, but it doesn’t compromise on fuel efficiency. It typically seats 6 or 7 passengers but can be configured for 8. It’s been a steady contender in its class for the last several decades as demonstrated in its popularity among those completing mid-range missions.

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