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PRIVATE JET CHARTER STORY: 2 + 2 to Scottsdale

New Flight Charters quoted a trip for returning customers, a couple with their two large dogs from Jackson, WY – Scottsdale, AZ requesting a midsize jet. Here were their options, best price guaranteed:

JAC Jackson, WY – SDL Scottsdale, AZ

  • $13,925 Citation Excel, midsize jet, seats 8, Wi-Fi
  • $15,410 Citation XLS, midsize jet, seats 8, Wi-Fi
  • $16,510 Learjet 60, midsize jet, seats 8, Wi-Fi
  • $18,930 Hawker 900XP, midsize jet, seats 8, Wi-Fi

Quotes are total all-encompassing, including taxes.

The clients chose the Citation Excel.

Citation Excel

The options and pricing listed above are specific to routing and dates. Every flight is different, and New Flight Charters always offers clients the best options for their specific trip at the best pricing available, guaranteed.

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